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Tokyo Big Sight, Japan

Tokyo Big SightTokyo International Exhibition Center is known as Tokyo Big Sight and located in Odaiba, Tokyo Bay. This is one of the largest convention venues in Japan. Tokyo Big Sight has served as the venue for variety of fairs and exhibitions, marking impressive and steady growth since it first opened in 1996. Tokyo Big Sight has welcomed more than 10 million visitors annually for the past several years, and the cumulative visitor count topped 100 million in July 2007, after just 11 years and 3 months in operation.

Tokyo Big Sight
3-11-1 Ariake, Koto-ku, Tokyo 135-0063 Japan
Tel.:+81-3-5530-1111 Fax:+81-3-5530-1222

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November 7, 2013
Tokyo Big Sight, Japan

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